Planned Parenthood is Awesome

     First, let me start by saying that I am not a strict Republican. I am more of a right-leaning libertarian. Most of my beliefs fall on the right side of the political spectrum, but I also share many beliefs that fall on the left side.

     I am Pro-Choice, and I am a supporter of Planned Parenthood. Essentially, being Pro-Choice means you are in favor of restricting government influence in the decisions of women and their bodies, specifically abortions. Limited government? Sounds like a Republican value to me. Therefore, I often criticize the Republican party, because they campaign on the belief of limited government, but want to eliminate the ability for women to have abortions. They also seek to practically destroy Planned Parenthood, disregarding the large amount of good the organization provides. It is quite hypocritical. But, the issue runs much deeper than that. The subject of abortion and Planned Parenthood has its complexities.

     For instance, there has been an uproar over Planned Parenthood, and how they use federal tax dollars to conduct abortions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Per the Planned Parenthood website, most of their funding comes from Medicaid and Title X reimbursements for the many services they provide (preventive medical services, including life-saving cancer screenings, HIV testing, and birth control, and sexual education). “The public funds that Planned Parenthood’s health centers receive are mostly reimbursements for preventive services, which often aren’t available anywhere else. Without Planned Parenthood, there just aren’t enough health care providers to deliver the millions of medical services it provides each year.”

     In addition, Planned Parenthood SAVES the government money. Per the Planned Parenthood website, “The government saves $7 in Medicaid-related costs for every dollar invested in publicly funded family planning programs like Title X.”

     Moreover, “The Congressional Budget Office projects that barring Planned Parenthood health centers from being reimbursed through Medicaid would result in a net cost of $130 million to taxpayers over 10 years due to an increase in unintended pregnancies without the high-quality contraceptive care that Planned Parenthood provides.”

     It is estimated that Planned Parenthood health centers prevent at least 579,000 unintended pregnancies a year.

     Economically, this makes a ton of sense. So how could the Republican party not support Planned Parenthood? Beats me. Federal funds do not pay for abortions at Planned Parenthood. A forty-year-old law already prohibits that (The Hyde Amendment) (except in cases of rape, incest, or when a woman’s life is in danger).

     I firmly stand behind Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice causes, and you should too.