You're a Christian? Who cares?

You’re a Christian? So what?

I have grown up in the church, have gone to a Christian high school, and am currently at a Christian University. I have seen the good of the church and also the bad. Most of what I have witnessed has left a bad taste in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong though, there is a whole lot of good in the Church and nothing but good intentions (most of the time).

The Christian Church, who prides itself on being a loving organization, is still struggling to show the World that it can do so.

Of course it would be stupid of anyone to ignore the fact that each year, the Church as a whole is estimated to spend 170 Billion dollars in charitable donations. These costs go towards schools and universities, charity, hospitals, and to many other public and private sectors.

The Christian Church does a lot for the World. Why then is the Church looked at as a negative thing in society? The answer can be found in the way the Church looks down on its own members and even more so on so called “sinners”. Especially in cases when one disagrees with the views of the majority of members.

People within the organization of the “Holy” Church continue to deny any mention of something being wrong with it as a whole. I quote the word Holy because the Church believes it is to be set apart, blessed, and watched over by God. None of these things are wrong to believe, but it is ironic that there also exists a calling to set others apart as special and loved by God and a calling to be a blessing.

When your calling is to love and treat others fairly, yet you do not do it, can you still hold onto the title of “Holy”?

One such problem arises from a certain sect of Christianity that uses words such as deplorable and perversion to describe those who are homosexual. Does this convey holiness to others, or hatred?

In the same scriptures I have used and the Church has used there exists a verse that sheds light on this subject. James 2:18 says, “But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.”

Does this verse not say something profound that has been missing from a lot of churches? I think it does.

Of course, as said before, the church does do a lot for the community and for the people in the buildings on Sundays. Yet when it comes to appearing as followers of Christ, a very loving and open man, the Church seems look more convicting and labeling instead of loving and caring.

If you are a Christian, what can you do to change this? How can you be actively loving others? Actually do something and do not throw around ideas or ideologies without backing them up.

If you are not and have been negatively affected by the Church, I am truly sorry and hope that you believe me when I say that not every Christian sucks.

This may have been semi-vague, but I hope to dive further into this in my time writing.