Why You Should Forget Everything You Know about Overthinking

Why You Should Forget Everything You Know About Overthinking


If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”
— Bruce Lee

      There are things in life that can make us feel cemented. There are things in life that can make us feel trapped in a box where we just can’t break free. And sometimes there are things in life that make us unsure of what to do. Is the next step I’m taking the correct approach or the incorrect approach?

     For me that thing in life is writing code. As a computer science student, I am expected to do programming assignments in my computer science classes. For me, personally, the biggest struggle with coding is where to start. I’ll be staring at my screen deciding my first move, but I am not doing anything that will help me progress when I do that. It’s just like playing chess with an opponent and you take over an hour deciding your first move! Sounds counterproductive, right? You can either move one of the pawns or one of the knights and then adapt to the playing field depending on how your opponent is controlling his pieces.

     Overthinking is a burden on one’s mental health. Maybe you have anxiety and it has become a catalyst for your overthinking. Or maybe you just keep second-guessing yourself due to a lack of confidence. Although you are deep in thought, you are not taking any action towards what you are thinking about. And this doesn’t have to apply to struggles in the present time, overthinking about things you said or did in the past are just as common. For example, have ever had that moment where you are messaging one of your matches on Tinder and you guys are hitting it off well, but then your confidence goes through the roof and you have the guts to tell them that pineapple should belong on pizza and then…your Tinder match stops responding to you?

     Yeah, me neither ;)

     Instead of thinking about what can go wrong, think about what can go right. Overthinking can be caused by fear. Focusing on all the negative things that MIGHT happen can easily shut you down. In upcoming scenarios, try to visualize things that can go right and keep those thoughts present. Try not to let past failures make you fearful. Just because something didn’t work out before doesn’t always mean that will be the same outcome EVERYTIME; every opportunity is a clean slate.

Started: Overcoming Overthinking Without Even Overthinking

     Here’s some real-life practice that you can do to help curb your overthinking habits. Learn to become more decisive. Whenever you are at a fast food restaurant, set a short time limit for you to make your decision. If you have a vast knowledge of that Panera Bread menu for example, give yourself 30 seconds to decide. Otherwise, you get 60 seconds if it’s your first time eating there. Once time expires and you’re the next person to order, place that order like it’s no one’s business and STICK WITH IT. No take backsies! Once you’ve gotten that down, move on to bigger things like deciding when you will start your project for a class or when you will start going to the gym. Let me know how this quest is going for you guys in the comments section. May the gods watch over your battles, friend.