"The Transition Stage"


Holy blogging, Batman! I’ve actually never written a blog before, so bear with me here. A dear friend of mine from Michigan planned to start up a site that will be able to “provide content that fosters thoughtful dialogue and expose others to a variety of ideas, experiences, and real-life-stories.” And thus, tuttl.co was born. For my current and future posts, I will close them will a “started:___” section. This was inspired by me when I was playing hundreds of hours of Skyrim; when you get a new quest it would have the “started:___” in the title. In that section I will propose a challenge for my readers, as well as for myself, to achieve for that week. We’re in this together, internet.


Ever since I’ve transferred to my new college this semester I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck in the “transition stage”. And when I say “transition stage” I’m metaphorically referring to the pupa stage of the butterfly life cycle when a fully grown caterpillar waits to break out of its chrysalis and become a butterfly. In this blog, as well as my future blogs, I plan to write about these recurring themes: What can I do to better myself as an introverted college student? What are some goals I can set for myself that can help me better my social skills? And finally, how have I improved as a result of my experiences?

Transferring colleges can be a landmark decision in one’s life; the previous college you attended may have been a miserable experience, but the new college you transfer to may be the most ever-changing experience in your lifetime. When I decided that I was going to transfer to Mount St. Mary’s (for reasons unrelated to the theme of this blog) my parents kept telling me “you’re still going to encounter unlikable people at your new school”, “there’s going to be fake people everywhere” or “it’s going to be harder to make friends as a transfer student”. I’ve come to the conclusion that my parents were right. However, although it’s harder to make friends as a transfer student (and also a commuter student, mind you), it’s definitely not impossible. The simplest thing you can do is to be friendly and try not to come off as standoffish. Smile. Make eye contact. Chin up. Be ready to take on the world head on.

Started: Baby Steps

Whenever you are at work or school or just in a public place in general do you ever have that occasion where you walk past someone and just look straight ahead or try not to make eye contact with them and just keep looking straight ahead? I’ll admit I HATE making eye contact with passersby as it just gives me anxiety and I have always thought staring at people was impolite. You know, maybe I’m overanalyzing. Are there actually people out there that will be creeped out if you made eye-contact with them as you walked by? Probably not, I bet they don’t really care too much as they have other things they themselves are focusing on. My challenge for you this week is to try to make eye contact with a stranger as you walk by them. Think about every person you pass by as another “XP” added to your “eye contact skill”, reach for level 100! Let me know how this quest is going for you guys in the comment section. Talos guide you!