How To Be Happy


Put yourself first. 
You are the most important person in your life. Don't be afraid to be selfish and do thing just for yourself. Seclude yourself if need be, make yourself the priority. 

Be spontaneous. 
Do the one thing you've always been scared to do. Go on random adventure and leave your worries behind. 

Be grateful for your friends. 
Whether you have a large group or a few close peeps, thank God for them. There are so many smiles and memories that wouldn't exist without them. 

Spend time with your family. 
They are there for you day in and day out. Let them be your backbone and your rock when you feel you are not strong enough. 

Get healthy. 
Eat better, feel better, right? Change your diet and fitness plan, don't be afraid to go on another run or walk one more mile. You will thank yourself in the long run. 

Get right with God. 
Look to him in times of weakness and in times of success. Thank the Lord for every blessing in your life, all good things come through him. 

Smile. Listen to your favorite songs. Be with friends and family. Look to God. Mostly be Poland know that you are blessed.