Don't let the Kardashians tell you who to be.

For most, their sense of self- worth lies at the root of almost everything that happens in their lives. It affects the way we relate to others and ourselves. In the name of feeling worthy we will often betray our values and ourselves. We often gage our self-worth by the amount of likes we get on social media or the compliments others pay us. Most moments of feeling valuable are derived externally, from other peoples’ praise rather than an innate understanding of our own significance. We find our value in being the center of attention and compliments. I remember in high school feeling if a girl was prettier than me then it automatically made me less attractive or less valuable. Why in the world did I let my peers and society tell me how to feel?!

I may date myself here but I remember a college night three years ago, sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram when suddenly I became very confused. There was a picture a girl posted of her outfit and the hashtag was #OOTD. I spent a good hour trying to figure out what that meant (Outfit of the day for you old timers). All I could think was did she make that up?!

The next week I saw this hash tag everywhere. Like all of a sudden it had blown up and everyone everywhere knew about it. Fast forward to a couple of days ago and I’m sitting here again, on my couch (don’t judge me) looking up waist trainers to get that synched Kardashian look. I swear I was dead set on buying one because I just knew if I had a smaller waist I would look so much better. One website review popped up explaining that these waist trainers can literally kill you by smooshing your organs! SMOOSHING YOUR ORGANS. This caused me to take a long look at myself. I was about to potentially cause myself pain at the thought that I could have a Kardashian waist!

It’s so sad to think that society can tell me to wear a full arm of silly bands and I’d do it. They could tell me to start talking about a petty thirteen year old who disrespects her mother and I’ll do it. They can tell me to love record players and I’ll run out and buy one (guilty)! We need to stop letting society become the compass of our sense of value. Let’s find our value in other things. Let’s be good, honest, and loving people and let that be where we derive our sense of self-worth. For me, personally I find my self-worth in the fact that before I was born Christ died for me.